The Guest by Albert Camus


This story takes place during World War 2 in France.


Daru: The main dude in the story. He is a teacher who is now serving in the French Resistance movement: the group of French people who fought against the Germans.

Balducci: This army dude who brings the Arab prisoner to Daru.

The Arab: The "guest" in the story. He is arrested for killing some men and brought to Daru.


This teacher named Daru is in his classroom watching twomen come up a snowy hill. The two men reach the classroom and Daru sees it is Balducci and a prisoner. Balducci tells Daru that he has brought this prisoner (an Arab guy) to him and that Daru must take him to the police. The Arab guy is guilty of killing his cousin. Balducci leaves and gives Daru his gun for protection. Then Daru refuses to take the Arab to the police. Balducci gets pissed and tells him he has to because he got orders to do it. Finally Daru agrees and signs a paper attesting to the transfer of the Arab prisoner from Balducci to Daru. Then Daru feeds the Arab guy. They go to sleep and Daru thinks he is trying to escape. But it turns out the Arab guy gets up to go to the bathroom. The next day Daru takes the Arab to prison. However once they walk for awhile, he gives the Arab money and food. He tells him he is free to do whatever he wants. He could walk East towards the police who will arrest him or South towards freedom. Daru then leaves and the Arab has a choice. He walks East towards the police. When Daru returns home he finds a message from the Arabs saying that they are gonna kill him.


  • Weird how a prisoner that Daru is watching over is considered a "guest" like he has an old friend staying over. Daru does treat him like a guest though, by feeding him and not making him wear restraints.
  • Daru might be so nice to the guy because in many parts it is obvious that Daru is a lonely man all by himself in that classroom.
  • The end may be kind of a negative view of the world. Daru is really nice to the Arab prisoner yet he still will get killed by the Arabs.