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Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Words Title
Accounting Computer Accounting 987 Accounting and Computers
Advertisement Alcohol 558 Alcohol, celebrating the color of life.
Advertisement Visa Ad 736 Visa
Advertising Radio Ad 196 Denny's Restaurant
Aeschylus The Orestia 1279 Points of View
Aeschylus Oresteia 626 Whether ’tis nobler to...
Aeschylus Oresteia 626 Whether ’tis nobler to...
Aldous Huxley Brave New World 738 Pre-Birth Genetic Alteration
American Pulp Fiction 1369 Biblical Themes
American Dracula 762 Subtlety Lost
American The Empire Strikes Back 361 Purifying and Passionate Fire
American Society 508 19th Century Life
American Cinema Casablanca 410 Overview of Casablanca
American Indian Coming of Age 704 Symbols
Anslem The Ontological Argument 2451 Does God Exist?
Aristotle Poetics 3067 Model Tragedy
Arthurian Literature King Arthur 6920 The Many Faces of Love In Arthurian Literature
Assisted Suicide Euthanasia 1877 Philosophy of Assisted Suicide
Australia Aboriginal 2215 Dream Time
Barrington Moore Jr. Tolerance and the Scientific Outlook 730 Interpretations of Pure Tolerance
Baseball Yankee Stadium 408 An American Institution
Berger Theory of Reduction 892 Theory of Reduction
Berlinski Tour of Calculus 2526 A Tour of a Tour of the Calculus
Bible Genesis 270 Ingratitude
Biology Cells 727 Division of Cells
Biology Disease 742 Anthrax
Biology Photosynthesis 391 Photosynthesis
Biology Cloning 1272 Clones Clones Clones
Blake Book of Thel 560 A Pregenerative Soul’s Fear of Life
Blake Book of Thel 3177 The Book of Thel: An Analysis of Death as a Progenitor of Fear
Bosnia Bosnia 602 Torn History
Bram Stoker Dracula 762 Subtlety Lost
Buhddism Atheist 1631 Buddhism is an Atheistic Religion
Buhddism Comparison to Hinduism 432 Buddhism and the East
Caribbean Mulattos 1424 Caribbean History
Catholicism Popes 376 Papal Authority
Charlotte Bronte Shirley 535 Dark Introduction
Chaucer The Cantebury Tales 619 The Versatility of Chaucer
Christianity Bible 270 Christ in the Book of Matthew
Christianity Bible 901 Bible Interpretations
Christianity Carolingians 1209 The Church Pertaining To The Carolingian Empire
Critique of Pure Tolerance 728 Interpretations of Pure Tolerance
Cuba Castro and Religion 1133 The Battle for Cuba’s Soul
Descarte Utilities of Doubt 1723 Various Schools of Thought
Doig Collapse 3361 Dancing at the Rascal Fair
Dostoevsky Brothers Karamazov 2700 An Examination of Strain in The Brothers Karamazov In Order to Find the “Man in Man”
Dostoevsky Grand Inquisitor 868 The Grand Inquisitor: Miracle, Mystery and Authority
Drivers Education Drunk Driving 280 Drunk Driving Laws
Earl Lovelace Wine of Astonishment 749 Hard Times
Eastern European Borowski 1018 Atomized and Alienated
Eastern European This Way For Gas 1018 Atomized and Alienated
Eastern European Ladies and Gentleman 1018 Atomized and Alienated
Eastern European Nazis 1018 Atomized and Alienated
Eastern European Bosnia 1018 Torn History
Eastern European Poland 1615 Response to the Warsaw Uprising
Edmund Spencer Faerie Queene 752 The Development of the Character of Redcrosse
El Evangelio segun Marcos 503 El Evangelio segun Marcos
Elizabeth Gaskell Victorian Times 494 Opinions of Race
English History Cromwell 1610 The True Levellers
Environmental Alaskan Pipeline 2441 Secondary Negative Effects
Espanol Cuba 1137 La Problematica de Los Madres Cubanas en Contraste con Los Estados Unidos
Espanol La Violencia Domestic 1400 La Violencia Domestica en Latinoamerica
Euripides The Electra 1279 Points of View
European History Hitler 4818 Life of Hitler
European History World War I 732 Views of the Present Age
European History World War I 6040 World War I
Eval Luna Isabel Allende 545 Eva Luna
Feuerbach Christianity 601 The Essence Of Christianity
Frederick Douglass American Slave 522 Die Fighting
Frederick Douglass American Slave 727 Frederick Douglass Book Overview
Frederick Douglass American Slave 1741 Appendix
French French Revolution 334 The French Revolution
Frued Faith Religion and Theology 438 The Need for Religion
Grand Canyon Morehouse 2116 A Place called the Grand Canyon
Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 1773 Gatsby is a man who believes in ideals.
Greek Philosophy Plato 419 Plato's Virtue
H.G. Wells War of the Worlds 2995 Martians and Simpsons
Hamlet Shakespeare 617 Neither Vengeful nor Honorable Be
Hamlet Shakespeare 539 The Fine of their Fines
Hegel Fine Art 552 Hegel's Philosophy of Fine Art
Hegel Fine Art 600 Hegel's Classic and Romantic Art
Hegel History 1756 Hegel: Reason in History
Hegel Religion 1797 A Hegelian Religion
Hemmingway Alcohol 2715 Alcohol and Desperation
Herbert Marcuse Repressive Tolerance 730 Interpretations of Pure Tolerance
Hindu Kouroo 859 The artist of Kouroo
Homer The Illiad 1063 Achilles
Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 1440 Emotion vs Reason
Italian LaDolce Vita 827 Marcello's Women
Italian La Strada 1037 Zampano as the Prodigal Son
Italian Renaissance Burckhardt 4872 Burckhardt’s Evaluation of the Italian Renaissance
Italy and Germany Unification 822 Unity, unity... We are the purest...
Jack London To Build A Fire 350 Instincts
James Joyce Finnegans Wake 476 Cyclical Themes in Finnegans Wake
Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice 1050 Love and Marriage
Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility 463 Natural Reflection
Johathan Edwards Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God 1207 The Puritan Schizophrenic
John Cheever The Swimmer 2947 Surbuban Life
Jonathan Swift Gulliver's Travels 1168 Strong Medicine
Judaism Christianity 492 Religion and Race
Judiasm bar mitzvah 704 Symbols
Jung Animus and Anima 1177 Jung in “To His Coy Mistress”: An Analysis of Animus and Anima
Kant Good will 1723 Various Schools of Thought
Kant Theory of Ethics 1094 Morality
Kate Chopin The Awakening 271 Edna's Transformation
Kate Chopin The Awakening 1364 Edna as an Artist
Kate Chopin The Awakening 1796 Tragic Epiphanies
Kierkegaard Sickness Unto Death 653 The Possibility of Offense
Kierkegaard Climacus 577 Kierkegaard: Necessary and Historical
Kierkegaard Fear and Trembling 742 Kierkegaard: Virtue of the Absurd
Kierkegaard Faith 4726 Subjectivity and Faith in the Work of Søren Kierkegaard
Krishna Hare Krishna 587 Overview of Krishna
La Influencia de Los Estados Unidos 611 La Influencia de Los Estados Unidos
Long Day's Journey into Night Eugene Gladstone O'Neill 1129 Her Own Reality
Los Hispanos en Los Estados Unidos 562 Los Hispanos en Los Estados Unidos
Lucy Hutchinson Memoirs of Colonel Hutchinson 711 Strained Courtesy
Major Religions Ethics 692 Comparison to Social Groups
Margaret Atwood Up 2919 Neutrals of Shadow
Mark Twain Huck Finn 1109 Huck Finn and My Antonia
Mathematics Calculus 409 A Tour of a Tour of the Calculus
Medecine History 1363 History of Medicine
Medicine HIV 2599 A Unified Front Against AIDS?
Medicine HIV 2599 A Unified Front Against AIDS?
Medicine Medical Research 1781 An Assessment of the Distribution of the Benefits and Burdens of Medical Research
Mill utilitarianism 1723 Various Schools of Thought
Mill utilitarianism 1723 Various Schools of Thought
Milton Paradise Lost 859 Paradise?
Milton Paradise Lost 2188 The Deceptions of Satan
Milton Paradise Lost 1192 Synopsis of Bush Article
Milton Paradise Lost 4998 The Creation of Self-Worth in Paradise
Minister's Black Veil Hawthorne 351 How Will the Sinners be Saved
Miss Julia Strindberg 286 Placing Blame in "Miss Julia"
Movies Cuba 1271 Scarface - The Rise and Fall of a Cuban Drug Dealer
Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown 651 Tricks of the Devil
Nietzsche On the Genealogy of Morals 551 Nietzsche: Ressentiment
Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra 649 Nietzsche: Virtue and Value
Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest 1084 Beautiful Truth
Oscar Wilde Soul of Man Under Socialism 537 Isolation and the Artist
Paul Wolff Beyond Tolerance 730 Interpretations of Pure Tolerance
Plutarch 820 The Truth of Plutarch
Poerty Emily Dickinson 476 “I’m Nobody! Who are you?”
Poetry Kubla Kahn 1003 Coleridge's "Kubla Khan:" Parallels to Reality
Poetry Little Black Boy 679 Innocence
Poetry The Waterfall 3979 The Waterfall
Poetry Robert Frost 1843 You May Learn ,But You Might Never Achieve
Poetry My Garden 698 God What?
Poetry Emerson 867 The Theme Runs Through It
Poetry To His Coy Mistress 1177 Jung in “To His Coy Mistress”: An Analysis of Animus and Anima
Power and Glory Graham Greene 457 The Life of a Half-Caste
Protestant Schleiermacher 567 Schleiermacher's Religion
Protestant Schleiermacher 500 Abhorrence of Natural Religion
Pyschology Dreams 496 Dreams: Problems in Definition
Ralph Ellison Battle Royal 359 Grandpa's Advice
Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance 546 Idealism In Individualism
Rebecca Harding Davis Life in the Iron Mills 1796 Tragic Epiphanies
Richard II Shakespeare 587 Coping with Futility
Richard II Shakespeare 590 Sickness in the Body; Sickness in Society
Roman History Roman Empire 517 Roman Empire
Russel Appearance and Reality 3444 Various Schools of Thought
Scarlet Letter Hawthrone 567 Forgive Yourself, Sweet Hester
School Reform 1527 Perfect School
Science Aliens 2541 Extraterrestrial Biological Entities in Reality
Science Cancer 272 The Death of Cancer
Shakespeare Hamlet 782 Fear of Death in Hamlet
Shakespeare As You Like It 1050 Motley's the Only Wear
Shakespeare Hamlet 1023 The Ghost
Shakespeare Henry IV 2431 The Prodigal Prince
Shakespeare Othello 1510 Othello’s Armor
Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet 564 Overview of Play
Smoking Smokers 485 Up in Smoke
Sobrepoblación 569 Sobrepoblación
Society Decline 728 Is Society Declining?
Socrates 1050 Death to the Guilty
Sophocles Antigone 3067 Model Tragedy
Sophocles Antigone 3067 Model Tragedy
Sophocles Antigone 629 Whether ’tis nobler to...
T.S. Eliot Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock 1350 Failed Poet
T.S. Eliot The Waste Land 1992 Purifying and Passionate Fire
The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger 3106 Generation X and The Catcher in the Rye
The Children's Hour Lillian Hellman 910 An Examination of Dr. Joe Cardin
The Lottery Shirley Jackson 1364 Foreshadowing The Lottery
The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway 969 Brett Ashley as the New Vision of Women
Theory Burgoon 2315 Expectancy Violation Theory
This Boy's Life Tobias Wolff 839 Same Old Product in a Brand New Box
Thomas Aquinas 630 Paper on Aquinas
Thomas Hardy Jude the Obscure 1019 A Glimpse Into the Philosophy of Jude the Obscure
Thomas Hardy Tess of the D'Urbervilles 687 The Question of Rape in Tess of the D’Urbervilles
Thucydides Sicilian Expedition 1281 The Sicilian Expedition
To Build a Fire Jack London 858 Read On, Reader, Read On
Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye 1105 The Grand Inquisitor in The Bluest Eye
Trial Law Competence 1140 Interviewing for Competence
Unger Appearance and Reality 1723 Various Schools of Thought
US History Prohibition 3031 National Prohibition
US History Proportional Representation 1313 The Road to Proportional Representation
US Law Drinking Age 367 Age of Reason
US Politics Democratic Party 2069 The Democratic Party
Virginia Woolf Flush 506 Dog-napping
Walden Thoreau 859 Find Your Way to the City of Kouroo
Willa Cather My Antonia 1109 Huck Finn and My Antonia
Woman's Health Breast Cancer 1117 About Breast Cancer
Women's Issues Abortion 283 Abortion
Women's Issues Feminism 516 Don't Need Them
Wordsworth Three Years She Grew 499 An Appreciation of
Wordsworth Errant Knight 955 Wordsworth's Dream of the Errant Knight
World War II Poland 1615 Response to the Warsaw Uprising
Writing 238 Reveal Yourself