Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens


Ok, first things first. This book, like most of Charles Dickens' books, is 400 pages too long. Charles Dickens wrote this in the 1800's and it is set in England…mainly London. The characters are good, kind rich people and the dirty nasty poor people. Oliver Twist is an orphan but really he is from a good family so he is of course good. When this book was first published, it caused a bit of a stir because of the characters. They were poor people, thieves, prostitutes, and murderers. Charles Dickens uses the book to show how bad the situation is for a lot of people living in England at the time and also take some shots at the judicial system. In reality though, it's a long boring book and that's why you are here reading this.


Oliver Twist: He's the main character….hence the title of the book. A little orphan boy whose life is full of trouble.

Fagin: The Jew. He is the leader of a gang of thieves.

John Dawkins: The artful dodger. A young pick-pocket. He is a thief in Fagin's gang.

Charlie Bates: Master Bates. Get it…Master Bates. That's the joke for your class. A young pick-pocket. He is a thief in Fagin's gang.

Bill Sikes: A mean and brutal house robber.

Mr. Monks: Oliver's half-brother who is out to get him.

Mr. Brownlow: A nice guy who looks after Oliver for a while.

Mr. Bumble: The parish beadle who plays a role in Oliver's early life. (a beadle was the guy the parish assigned to look after their affairs)

Nancy: A prostitute who is part of Fagin's group. She hooks up with Bill Sikes later and gets killed.

Noah Claypole: A kid who works with Oliver early one in the book. He is a real jerk and always picks on Oliver.

Rose Maylie: A nice young lady who is very kind to Oliver and turns out to be his aunt.

Mrs. Maylie: A lady who adopts Rose.

Harry Maylie: Mrs. Maylie's son who is in love with Rose.

Doctor Losberne: A good friend of Mrs. Maylie and helps Oliver


The book opens up with Oliver Twist being born in a public workhouse and his mom dies. So, he is an orphan who gets beaten and treated terribly. One day, he asks for more food at dinner and he is thrashed and thrown out of the public workhouse he was staying at. He goes to work for an undertaker named Mr. Sowerberry who has this employee named Noah Claypole. Noah picks on Oliver and one day makes fun of his mom. So Oliver whips his ass. Mrs. Sowerberry, Noah, and Noah's girl Charlotte all make up this story about how Oliver tried to kill everyone so Mr. Sowerberry beats him real bad. Oliver decides to run away to London.

Oliver makes it to London barely. Remember, he is a little kid. He makes it to London where he is sucked in by this gang of thieves led by the Jew, Fagin. The guy who gets him is Jack Dawkins. (Artful Dodger) Oliver doesn't know they are crooks but he needed a place to stay. He stays with them for a while and Fagin teaches him how to pickpocket as if it was a game. Oliver is so naïve. Oliver goes out with Master Bates and Dodger and watches them pickpocket this guy (Mr. Brownlow). Oliver gets caught though and is dragged to the police station but is let off. He is very sick so Mr. Brownlow takes him in. Fagin is very very mad. Oliver gets healthy again. Mr. Brownlow sees something familiar about Oliver but doesn't know what. One day, Oliver is doing an errand for Mr. Brownlow and he runs into Nancy and Sikes. They grab him and take him back to Fagin. Then Bill Sikes uses Oliver in a house robbery. It all goes bad and Oliver is shot. Sikes escapes with the other thieves but Oliver is left behind. Oliver goes back to the house that was broken into and collapses. This is the house where Mrs. Maylie and Rose Maylie live. They take care of Oliver and nurse him back to health.

Fagin is even madder he lost Oliver again. It turns out this guy Monks is paying Fagin to turn Oliver into a criminal. Oliver goes into the country with Mrs. Maylie and Rose. He has a nice time and recovers fully. Harry Maylie comes out to visit. He and Rose are in love but Rose has a dirty past and Harry is a respectable man so they can't marry. It's very sad for them. At the same time, Mr. Bumble and his new wife do a deal with Monks. Oliver's mother died and left a gold locket with some locks of hair and a wedding ring inside. Mrs. Bumble has it and sells it to Monks. Monks gets rid the locket by tossing it in the river.

Now, Nancy overhears some talk and she goes to a hotel where Rose is staying. She tells Rose about Monks and his interest in Oliver and also her part in Oliver's bad luck. Oliver is reintroduced to Mr. Brownlow and the truth starts to come out. Also, Noah comes to London with his girl and he joins Fagin's gang. This is how the end plays out. Nancy meets Mr. Brownlow and Rose and tells them all she knows about Monks interest in Oliver. Noah follows Nancy and also hears it. He tells Fagin….Fagin tells Sikes….Sikes is furious that Nancy would expose him…so he kills her. Now, he is on the run. Mr. Brownlow catches Monks, who turns out to be the son of his old friend. Monks real name is Edward Leeford. Monks also turns out to be Oliver's half-brother. He was trying to keep Oliver poor and a criminal so Oliver would never get his father's inheritance. Monks gives away the whole game. Fagin is caught and condemned to death. Sikes dies trying to escape. Oliver knows who his mother was and finds peace. Rose turns out to be Oliver's mother's sister. Rose no longer has a dirty past because she was not illegitimate so she can marry Harry and she does. So…a happy ending for little Oliver.


Chapter 1

  • This chapter talks about the birth of Oliver Twist.
  • He is born in a workhouse (a place where they do menial jobs) and delivered by a public doctor and a drunk old nurse.
  • Oliver almost didn't survive his birth and he cried really loud. Also, right after his mommy saw him, she kissed him and died.
  • So, right away Oliver was an orphan. No one knew where his mom was from or who she was. She wasn't wearing a wedding ring so Oliver was a bastard (people back in the 1800's were really against kids being born out of wedlock).

Chapter 2

  • Oliver is sent off to this place where they keep a bunch of criminal kids.
  • The lady (Mrs. Mann) who runs it keeps most of the money that she is given to take care of the kids.
  • It's safe to say a lot of the kids die but no one really cares because they have no parents.
  • Now the story picks up when Oliver is nine. He is a skinny kid.
  • Right now, he is locked in the coal cellar with some other kids for fighting.
  • Then Mr. Bumble the beadle shows up at the orphanage. Mrs. Mann does her best to kiss his ass and pretend everything is happy so he doesn't suspect she is ripping off the parish.
  • She gives him some gin and he tells her that a reward has been offered if anyone could identify the parents of Oliver Twist.
  • Mr. Bumble also tells how he named Oliver Twist. (He names all the orphans in alphabetical order: the last one was called Swubble.)
  • Mr. Bumble then tells Mrs. Mann that Oliver is too old to be living at the orphanage and will be taken to the workhouse.
  • Oliver is taken to the workhouse and is put in front of the board for the parish (a bunch of fat guys who talk about how Oliver should say his prayers for the people who look after him….yeah right….the people who beat him more like)
  • This one guy in a white jacket calls Oliver a fool and makes fun of him.
  • The workhouse is just as bad as the orphanage. The people have to work and they get fed little. Many people die from being sick from lack of food.
  • Oliver and his buddies were so hungry they decided that someone had to say something. They cast lots (like paper, scissors, rock) and Oliver lost.
  • So, after dinner, Oliver goes up the master who served the food and says, "Please sir, I want some more."
  • Seems pretty natural thing to ask…polite too…but the master hits Oliver with the serving ladle and calls for the beadle, Mr. Bumble.
  • Mr. Bumble rushes into the board and tells them that Oliver Twist has asked for more food.
  • This upsets the greedy, fat board so they offer to pay anyone 5 pounds if they will take Oliver Twist.
  • Then guy in the white coat says Oliver will most likely end his life by being hung. Nice.

Chapter 3

  • Oliver is locked up now while they try and sell him. Every other day he was whipped in front of everyone at dinner to set an example.
  • Then this chimney cleaner guy, Mr. Gamfield, sees the notice about Oliver Twist and he needs 5 pounds so he decides to get Oliver Twist and make him an apprentice (slave more like).
  • Small boys were used to clean chimneys because they could fit inside them. They often got stuck so Mr. Gamfield was known to light a fire underneath them. Some didn't always make it out alive.
  • The board talks Mr. Gamfield down to a little more than 3 pounds and says they will give Mr. Gamfield Oliver.
  • Oliver is dressed up and taken to the local magistrates who will sign the papers releasing Oliver to Mr. Gamfield.
  • Oliver sees Mr. Gamfield and realizes he is a horrible man and cries in front of the magistrates asking him not to send him away and that he would rather be beaten, starved, and locked away.
  • The magistrates reject the transfer to Mr. Gamfield but do nothing about the conditions Oliver has suffered.
  • Oliver is returned to the workhouse and again 5 pounds is offered to anyone who will take him.

Chapter 4

  • The board debates sending Oliver on a boat where it is well known the boys are usually flogged to death by the captain. They decide that's the best thing for him.
  • Right when the beadle goes off to investigate this, he runs into Mr. Sowerberry, the parish undertaker.
  • Mr. Sowerberry and Mr. Bumble talk about the business of burying people. They make a joke about how the coffins for the people who work at the workhouses are skinnier then normal.
  • Mr. Sowerberry decides to take Oliver. Oliver is told by the board that is if he ever comes back there again, he will be drowned or killed.
  • Oliver goes to the undertaker's house by Mr. Bumble. Right before he goes in he is crying.
  • Mr. Bumble starts to yell at him for being ungrateful, but Oliver tells him he's not unhappy about going to the undertaker's house. It's because he is so lonely and no one loves him. This makes even Mr. Bumble choke a bit.
  • Mrs. Sowerberry complains that Oliver is small and that she doesn't know why people waste their money on orphans. They should just be let to die.
  • Oliver is fed and is put to sleep with all the coffins.

Chapter 5

  • Oliver is somewhat disturbed by sleeping in a coffin. He wished it was his own coffin and that he was dead.
  • Oliver is woken up in the morning by kicking at the door and the voice tells him he will be beaten when he opens it.
  • This is nothing new for Oliver, but when he opens the door he sees a charity-boy (a really poor kid who gets a bad education and wears a school uniform)
  • The kid introduces himself as Noah Claypole and tells Oliver he is to be working under him and then delivers a kick to Oliver.
  • The main difference between Oliver (a workhouse boy) and Noah (a charity-boy) was that Noah knew who his parents were. That was a big thing.
  • Other boys pick on Noah, but now he can pick on Oliver and take it out on him.
  • Then Mr. Bumble comes in and tells Mr. Sowerberry that they need a coffin for some lady.
  • Mr. Sowerberry takes Oliver to collect the body and they have this pathetic excuse for a funeral.
  • It sucks to be poor.

Chapter 6

  • Oliver has been at the undertaker's for a month and officially becomes an apprentice.
  • Noah is jealous of Oliver because Mr. Sowerberry likes Oliver.
  • Charlotte doesn’t like Oliver because Noah doesn't. Mrs. Sowerberry doesn't like Oliver because she thinks Mr. Sowerberry pays him too much attention.
  • Sucks to be Oliver.
  • One day, Noah is picking on Oliver. He starts in on his mom.
  • Oliver gets so mad he nails Noah with a shot to the face, which floors him.
  • Noah starts wailing like a little baby.
  • Charlotte and Mrs. Sowerberry tackle Oliver and throw him in the cellar.
  • They call Mr. Bumble over because they are all scared of Oliver.

Chapter 7

  • Noah runs to the workhouse and tells Mr. Bumble.
  • He tells all these lies about how Oliver tried to kill everyone.
  • The man with the white waistcoat comes walking by and goes off about how he knew Oliver Twist was bad.
  • Mr. Bumble is sent to beat Oliver Twist.
  • Oliver is still kicking at the cellar door.
  • Mr. Bumble tries to scare him, but Oliver is raging.
  • Mr. Bumble tells Mrs. Sowerberry she is feeding him too much.
  • Mr. Sowerberry comes home and because he has to do what his wife wants, he beats Oliver really bad.
  • Oliver runs away. He stops by the workhouse and says goodbye to his friend Dick.
  • Dick wishes him luck. The first time anyone ever said anything nice to Oliver.

Chapter 8

  • Oliver starts walking to London
  • He has no money, no food, and almost dies on the way.
  • Oliver is sitting in a town outside London when this kid comes up and talks to him.
  • He buys Oliver a meal and tells him he knows a guy who will give him a place to stay.
  • The kid introduces himself as Jack Dawkins. Jack takes Oliver to London introduces him to Fagin.

Chapter 9

  • Oliver wakes up and sees Fagin looking at watches and other valuable stuff.
  • Fagin gets mad when he thinks Oliver has seen too much, but he gets all friendly again.
  • Then Dodger (Jack Dawkins) and Bates come in. Oliver is still not aware they are all thieves.
  • Fagin and the boys practice pick pocketing and Oliver thinks it is a game.
  • Then two girls come in (prostitutes) and then Dodger and Bates go off to get some.
  • Fagin starts teaching Oliver how to pick a pocket and how to take the marks off a handkerchief.
  • Marks are the initials that are sewn into a hanky.

Chapter 10

  • Oliver goes out with Bates and Dodger.
  • He thinks they're going to work.
  • He sees the boys steal a gentleman's handkerchief.
  • Oliver runs and the gentleman yells, "Stop, thief."
  • Everyone starts chasing Oliver, even Bates and Dodger.
  • Oliver runs a bit, but is hauled down by this random guy.
  • Then he is taken away by a policeman.

Chapter 11

  • Oliver is taken to the police station and locked up.
  • The gentleman he was supposed to have robbed is not happy because he doesn't think Oliver did it.
  • He also thinks he recognizes Oliver's features.
  • Dickens then takes a moment to talk about how many innocent people were locked up and no one believed it. It's a little social critique.
  • Then the gentleman, Mr. Brownlow, is led into meet the magistrate Mr. Fang (who was modeled after a really mean judge during the 1800's…kind of like Judge Judy on TV but 10 times worse)
  • The judge treats the gentleman very poorly (because he is a judge and can get away with it)
  • The judge then tries to get Oliver thrown in jail but then this guy comes in (he works at the bookstall where Mr. Brownlow was reading when he was robbed) and says Oliver is innocent. Case dismissed.
  • Then Oliver is all sick so Mr. Brownlow calls a cab (horse driven coach) and he gets in with Oliver and the bookstall keeper.

Chapter 12

  • Oliver is taken to Mr. Brownlow's house and put to bed. He has a fever and sleeps for many days.
  • He is taken care of and starts to get better with the care of Mrs. Bedwin.
  • Oliver looks at a painting of a Lady in his room and thinks she is beautiful.
  • Mr. Brownlow comes in and is talking to Oliver when he sees the portrait and realizes that's where he recognizes Oliver's face.

Chapter 13

  • Master Bates and Dodger go back to Fagin. Fagin is really pissed because they didn't bring Oliver back.
  • They have a fight and then Bill Sikes comes in.
  • Everyone is worried that Oliver will squeal to the cops and they will all get busted.
  • So, they send Nancy (one of the hooker's from earlier) to go see what happened to Oliver at the police station.
  • Nancy gets dolled up and goes to the police station and pretends Oliver is her brother and starts asking where he is.
  • She finds out he went off with Mr. Brownlow.
  • So, Fagin sends everyone out to find Oliver and shut him up.

Chapter 14

  • Oliver is getting better. The portrait of the lady was removed from his bedroom and he doesn't know why.
  • Mr. Brownlow buys him a new suit and calls him to his study to chat.
  • Then Brownlow's friend, Mr. Grimwig, comes in. Mr. Grimwig is a bit rough so Mr. Brownlow sends Oliver downstairs.
  • Then some books get delivered and Oliver is asked to send one back. Oliver is given the books and a five pound note to pay the bookseller.
  • Mr. Grimwig thinks Oliver will just steal the money. Mr. Brownlow trusts Oliver.

Chapter 15

  • Bill Sikes is at a bar and the Jew, Fagin comes in. He has some gold from his robbery to share with Sikes.
  • Sikes sends for Nancy who is also at the bar.
  • Nancy starts to tell him that she knows where Oliver is when Fagin interrupts.
  • Then Sikes and Nancy go off together.
  • Oliver was nearby delivering his books when he runs into Nancy and Sikes.
  • They act like his family and grab him as if he has run away and been stealing books.
  • Mr. Brownlow continues to wait.

Chapter 16

  • Oliver is led by Sikes and Nancy back to Fagin's hangout. Dodger and Bates laugh at Oliver and go through his pockets.
  • Now Oliver will look like he stole the books and money and Mr. Brownlow will never ask about him and if he ever sees him, will have him arrested.
  • Oliver tries to escape but is captured. Fagin starts to beat him, but Nancy stands up for him.
  • Oliver is put into his same old clothes which were the sold to one of Fagin's friends.

Chapter 17

  • Back to Mr. Bumble. He visits the orphanage where Oliver started in. He is telling Mrs. Mann that he is going to London with some criminal for a court case.
  • Then Dick, Oliver's friend, comes into the kitchen to be inspected by Mr. Bumble. Dick is very sick.
  • Dick asks that Mr. Bumble write down some words after he dies for Oliver Twist wishing him all the best.
  • Mr. Bumble is all mad because he doesn't like Oliver and thinks he is a bad influence on the boys.
  • Mr. Bumble is eating dinner that night in London when he reads an ad in the paper offering a reward if anyone can give information about Oliver Twist. The name on the ad is Mr. Brownlow.
  • Mr. Bumble goes over to Brownlow's house and says all this bad stuff about Oliver's history.
  • I am sure he doesn’t say anything about how they beat Oliver senseless and made him run away.
  • Mr. Grimwig starts saying how he was right about Oliver. Mrs. Bedwin says she doesn't believe any of it.
  • Mr. Brownlow is upset and says he never wants to hear Oliver's name again.

Chapter 18

  • Fagin starts to threaten Oliver about being hung by telling him what it is like.
  • Oliver is made to clean Dodger's boots.
  • Dickens then takes a shot about Christians. Bates and Dodger are talking about Sikes' dog. They are saying how the dog is great…it loves music…and hates any dog that's not of it's own breed. They call the dog a proper Christian.
  • Bates and Dodger try to convince Oliver to work for Fagin and make his fortune as a thief.
  • Fagin starts telling Oliver funny stories of crimes he committed when he was young. Oliver can't help but laugh.
  • You know when someone tells you funny stories of something really bad to try and get you to do it too? This is what Fagin is doing.

Chapter 19

  • Fagin goes to visit Bill Sikes. Bill is with Nancy.
  • Fagin and Bill are discussing a future robbery that Bill is staking out. As you know, Bill is a guy who breaks into houses.
  • Sikes needs a small boy to help in the robbery. Fagin suggests Oliver.
  • Fagin likes Oliver because he doesn't look like a criminal. He can get away with more. Also, he needs Oliver to be involved in a crime so he has something to hold over his head.
  • So, it is agreed that Nancy will bring Oliver over and Sikes will use him.

Chapter 20

  • Fagin tells Oliver he is going to Sikes' place for a while and to watch out. Sikes is a baaaad man.
  • Nancy comes to pick up Oliver. She is Oliver's friend. She tells him if she didn't come pick him up, someone else would have who is much nastier.
  • Oliver arrives at Sikes' house. Sikes holds a gun to Oliver's head and says if he ever talks, he will blow his brains out.

Chapter 21

  • Sikes takes Oliver on a trip to meet up with the other burglars.
  • Basically, Sikes and Oliver hitch a few rides, eat some dinner, and go out to this old house.
  • That's it.

Chapter 22

  • Sikes is in the house with Toby Crackit and Barney. They talk about how Oliver's looks are what gives him the looks of such a good criminal. Innocent.
  • They nap for a bit, but then leave to go rob the house.
  • It's really dark out and only when they arrive at the house, does little innocent Oliver Twist realize what they are going to do.
  • He starts asking to be let go, but he is told to shut up.
  • There is a little tiny window, which is easily opened, and Oliver is told to go in and open the door. (this is why they needed Oliver)
  • Oliver is thinking about alerting the family when Sikes calls him back. The jig is up. Two men from the house are awake and shoot Oliver in the arm.
  • Sikes grabs Oliver and pulls him through the window and they all escape.

Chapter 23

  • This chapter is back at the workhouse where Oliver was born.
  • Mrs. Corney, a lady who works there, is sitting thinking about her dead husband.
  • Then Mr. Bumble comes by and they sit and chat.
  • They talk about how bad poor people are….always wanting things like food and shelter and heat. (you aren't supposed to like Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Corney)
  • Mr. Bumble starts hitting on Mrs. Corney.
  • Mr. Bumble is just about to get it on of Mrs. Corney when someone knocks on the door.
  • Some old lady says that this other lady is about to die. Mrs. Corney is like…"so what?" But, she has to go do her duty. She tells Mr. Bumble to stay until she gets back….hmmm…I wonder what for?

Chapter 24

  • Mrs. Corney is taken to see the dying woman. She is mad and says it's not her job to watch every dying old woman die.
  • Right when Mrs. Corney is about to leave, the dying old lady starts talking all this stuff about gold.
  • Basically, Oliver's mother gave this lady something special to hold for him after she died.
  • But, before the old lady can say more, she dies.

Chapter 25

  • Back to Fagin and the boys. They are all sitting around playing cards.
  • Toby returns and asks them where Sikes and Oliver are?
  • Fagin is really upset because Sikes hadn't returned since the failed robbery and he seems to have lost Oliver.

Chapter 26

  • Fagin goes looking for Sikes and Oliver. He goes to a place called the Three Cripples, which is a bar that Sikes and all the crooks hang out.
  • No word of Sikes there so Fagin goes to his house and finds Nancy drunk. Fagin is very mad because he wants Oliver back. Nancy knows nothing.
  • Fagin goes home and is about to go inside when strange man comes out of the shadows.
  • He goes upstairs with Fagin and they talk. Fagin calls him Monks. They talk about Oliver.
  • Monks has a serious interest in Oliver and him being a criminal.

Chapter 27

  • This chapter is another Mr. Bumble chapter. Mrs. Corney comes back and he gets all fresh with her again.
  • Then he leaves to go to Mr. Sowerberry's shop and tell him they need a coffin for the old lady.
  • When he arrives at the shop, he sees Noah Claypole sitting stuffing his face with oysters and making the moves on Charlotte.
  • Mr. Bumble comes in and tells him off and says all this kissing is the sin of the lower classes. This is Dickens showing what a fat hypocrite Mr. Bumble is.

Chapter 28

  • This chapter cuts back to what happened to Sikes after the robbery.
  • Sikes and Toby are running away and Sikes ditches Oliver's body (he isn't dead) and runs away.
  • Three men, the guys from the house, are looking for the robbers but go home.
  • The next day Oliver wakes up and staggers to the very house he tried to rob last night.
  • The men who live there, Mr. Giles and Mr. Brittles are telling the other servants about the robbery.
  • Oliver knocks and they open the door and he falls in the house.
  • Oliver is carried upstairs and a doctor is called for.

Chapter 29

  • The doctor arrives and takes care of Oliver.

Chapter 30

  • Mrs. and Miss Rose Maylie are taken up to see the "criminal"
  • Everyone is surprised to see a young boy (Oliver)
  • Rose asks her aunt not to send him to prison because she can't believe Oliver is bad.
  • Her aunt agrees. Oliver wakes up and tells them his sad sad story and he is treated really nice.
  • The doctor tells Giles and Brittles that they will not finger Oliver as one of the robbers.

Chapter 31

  • Then the cops arrive and start investigating. They think the crime is the work of city crooks.
  • The doctor and Rose are worried for Oliver because they think the police will take him.
  • The police come in and say that they job was done by two men and a boy and they want to question Oliver.
  • Mrs. Maylie offers them a drink to stall them as the doctor sneaks out.
  • The cops start telling the ladies about a crime. It's long and pointless but allows the doctor to sneak back in.
  • He takes them up to see Oliver and tells them Oliver is another boy who was accidentally wounded and not the thief.
  • Giles stammers out a comment that he is not sure if that's the boy or not. Brittles said he only that it was the boy because Giles said so.
  • The cops leave and say they will be back tomorrow. They came back and said two men and a boy were caught elsewhere and with a little money given as a gift, they were gone.

Chapter 32

  • Oliver is sick again so he spends some time recovering.
  • Miss Rose tells Oliver how her aunt intends to employ Oliver. She is very nice.
  • The doctor, Mr. Losberne, takes Oliver into London to visit Mr. Brownlow to let him know Oliver is ok.
  • They drive by the house that Oliver stayed at with Sikes the night before the robbery. The Doc crashes in but finds a guy living there who denies knowing Sikes or anything about it.
  • The Doc is disappointed because he wanted to see if Oliver was telling the truth.
  • They go to Mr. Brownlow's house and find out he has moved to the West Indies.
  • They were both disappointed and went home.
  • Then, Mrs. Maylie, Miss Rose, and Oliver all went out to the country for a few months.
  • The rest of the chapter just talks about how happy it was and peaceful, blah blah, blah.

Chapter 33

  • Are you hating reading this as much as me?
  • They are still out in the country and now Rose gets sick. Her aunt and Oliver are very sad.
  • Mrs. Maylie sends Oliver into town with a letter for Dr. Losberne.
  • On the way back, Oliver runs into this crazy guy who just collapses in front of him.
  • Oliver got home and Rose was much worse. Oliver prayed for her and was very sad.
  • Rose slips into a coma and her aunt thinks she is dead.
  • The doctor comes in and says she will be ok.

Chapter 34

  • Oliver is walking along and then Mr. Giles pulls up in a horse and carriage. He has Mr. Harry with him.
  • Harry is the son of Rose's aunt.
  • Oliver tells Giles Miss Rose is going to be ok. Giles and Harry get out and they all walk together.
  • Harry and his mom (Rose's aunt) talk and you find out Harry is in love with Rose.
  • You also find out that Rose might not be a true relative of them.
  • Well, Harry hangs out with them and is a funny guy and gets everyone laughing and feeling good.
  • Some days pass and all is well. Then Oliver is asleep in his room and he thinks he dreams of hearing
  • Fagin the Jew talking. He wakes with a start and sees the Jew and the guy he saw collapse at the inn (Monks).

Chapter 35

  • Oliver screamed and the whole house came rushing and Oliver tells them what he saw.
  • They all chase around but find no one.
  • They try and ask around about Fagin and the other guy, but no one has any info.
  • Rose gets better and she and Harry talk. Harry tells her how much he loves her and all that.
  • Rose is touched but tells him he must look for someone besides her. She says she is not the right woman because her name is tarnished and she would hold him back. She does love him but she can't be with him.
  • (Although this sounds old fashioned, I have been rejected this way before)
  • Harry makes her promise they will talk about it again and kisses her forehead and leaves.

Chapter 36

  • Mr. Harry leaves with the Doctor. He makes Oliver promise to write him every two weeks to let him know how things are.
  • Rose is sad to see him leave and cries in her bedroom window.

Chapter 37

  • Back to Mr. Bumble. He married Mrs. Corney and is now Master of the workhouse.
  • It's been 8 weeks into his marriage and already he feels like a trapped rat.
  • His wife bullies him and he is a joke. So, like any other pathetic man, he scurries off to the nearest bar to drown his sorrows.
  • There is a strange guy in the bar with Mr. Bumble. They start talking. This stranger knows Mr. Bumble and begins to bribe him for information.
  • The stranger wants to know about the lady who gave birth to Oliver Twist.
  • But, she died so the stranger goes to leave. Bumble knows he is losing an opportunity so he calls out that maybe the lady's friend would be of help.
  • They agree on a time to meet and as the man is walking out, Bumble asks his name. The man replies, "Monks."

Chapter 38

  • Mr. Bumble and his wife go walking in the swamp area by the river to meet Monks.
  • They go into a house.
  • Mr. Bumble offers up his wife as the lady who might know the info Monks is after.
  • Mrs. Bumble and Monks start bargaining on the information and what it might be worth.
  • Monks pays up some dough.
  • Mrs. Bumble tells Monks about the old lady who told her about taking something from Oliver's mother and died.
  • Then Mrs. Bumble says the old lady had a scrap of paper…a pawnshop receipt. Mrs. Bumble collected the item from the pawnshop.
  • She gave it to Monks. It was a gold locket with two locks of hair and a wedding ring with the word Agnes engraved on the inside. There is room for a surname and also a date, which is within a year of Oliver's birth. Hmm…maybe Oliver isn't the bastard child everyone thought him to be.
  • Then, Monks opens a trapdoor in the floor, which shows the flowing river below. He tosses the locket in the water and tells the Bumbles to forget what they heard.

Chapter 39

  • Back to Mr. Sikes. He is sick in bed. He has Nancy with him.
  • He is mad at Nancy who is not in good shape herself.
  • Then Fagin and the boys come in. They bring Sikes some food and Sikes wants money from Fagin.
  • Then Monks comes and talks to Fagin.
  • Then Fagin gives Nancy the money for Sikes and she goes off.
  • Nancy sits with Sikes and then waits until he passes out the next night and she takes off.
  • Nancy runs to a wealthy hotel and asks for Miss Maylie.

Chapter 40

  • Nancy talks to Miss Rose. She starts telling Rose about Oliver and how she dragged him back to Fagin that one time.
  • She tells Rose about Monks and how he offered Fagin money to keep Oliver and make him a criminal.
  • She tells Rose how Monks claims to be Oliver's brother.
  • Nancy then says she must go and Rose tries to stop her. Offers her help, but Nancy says she loves Sikes and must go back.
  • Nancy says she will walk across the London Bridge from 11 to 12 on every Sunday night if rose needs to find her.

Chapter 41

  • Rose is troubled because she swore secrecy to Nancy.
  • Then Oliver comes in and tells rose he found Mr. Brownlow.
  • Rose takes Oliver in a carriage to Mr. Brownlow's and goes in for Oliver.
  • She tells Mr. Brownlow all about Oliver and what has happened to him.
  • Oliver comes in and there is a happy reunion. Mrs. Bewdwin, his old nurse, is there too.
  • Rose then tells Mr. Brownlow all about Oliver's nasty brother Mr. Monks.
  • Mr. Brownlow tells Dr. Losberne about Oliver at Rose's request.
  • The doctor and Mr. Brownlow decide to call in their friends: Harry and Mr. Grimwig.
  • They are going to try and get Mr. Monks so he can reveal Oliver's true blood.

Chapter 42

  • This chapter takes us back to our good friend Noah and his woman Charlotte.
  • Noah has run off from Mr. Sowerberry's place with Charlotte.
  • They stole all the money from the store and are running to London.
  • By chance (yeah right), Noah and his lady end up at the bar where Fagin and all the crooks hang out.
  • Noah wants to get into a life of crime and Fagin talks to him about it.
  • Noah calls himself Morris Bolter.
  • Noah is a real wimp and doesn't want to do any crimes where he might get hurt.
  • Fagin tells Noah he can be in charge of beating up little kids for the money their mommies give them.
  • Noah likes the idea of beating on little kids, because he can't get hurt. (Noah is a real scumbag)

Chapter 43

  • Fagin and Noah are talking again about Noah's future role in Fagin's den of thieves.
  • Fagin is trying to explain to Noah that he has to look out for himself, but also share his money with everyone in the group.
  • Noah or Bolter as he is now called, is so selfish he can't deal with it.
  • Then Master Bates comes in and tells how Jack Dawkins (Artful Dodger) has been arrested for pick-pocketing.
  • Fagin decides to send Noah to go see what happens at the trial. Fagin and Bates want to see if Dodger goes down like a proper crook and doesn't grovel. (Also…Fagin will be anxious to make sure Dodger doesn't give away his name)
  • Noah is a wimp and doesn't want to do it, but he goes. Dodger is very obnoxious and makes the people in the court laugh with his antics.
  • Noah reports all this to Fagin.

Chapter 44

  • It's Sunday night and Nancy is getting ready to go walk London Bridge.
  • Sikes and Fagin are talking and Nancy goes to leave.
  • Sikes asks her where she is going, and Nancy won't tell him so Sikes locks the door and won't let her leave.
  • Nancy starts getting mad and throws a fit for Sikes to let her go.
  • Sikes throws Nancy around and pins her for the whole hour between 11 to 12.
  • Fagin and Sikes talk about why Nancy is acting so crazy.
  • When Fagin is leaving, he pulls Nancy aside and tells her if she wants to get away from Sikes, just let him know and he would take care of Sikes.
  • As Fagin is walking home, he is thinking about how nice it would be to get Nancy back into his gang away from Sikes.
  • He also wants to get rid of Sikes. He knows too much and Fagin doesn't like the way Sikes makes fun of him.

Chapter 45

  • Fagin gets Noah, the child beater, to do some work for him. He wants Noah to follow Nancy around to see where she goes.
  • The next Sunday, they go to the bar (the Three Cripples) where Nancy is.
  • Nancy leaves to go on her errand and Noah tails her.

Chapter 46

  • Nancy goes to London Bridge. Noah is close by.
  • Rose and a guy show up on the bridge and Nancy goes over to talk to them.
  • She leads them to a dark corner to talk. Noah is hiding nearby and is listening in.
  • The guy is Mr. Brownlow. He tells Nancy that he wants her to give him Mr. Monks.
  • And if she can't get him, Mr. Brownlow wants her to give him Fagin.
  • Nancy refuses to turn on her friends. (she might be a prostitute and all dirty, but she has loyalty)
  • Mr. Brownlow tells Nancy that if she gives him Mr. Monks, that no matter what Mr. Monks says (even if he turns in Fagin and all the other crooks) Nancy's name will never be mentioned as the source of info.
  • So, Nancy tells them that Mr. Monks hangs around the Three Cripples and tells them what time is best to get him.
  • She also starts to describes him and when she mentions some of his habits and that he has a scar on his neck, Mr. Brownlow also describes it. He seems to actually know the guy!! (the plot thickens)
  • Rose and Mr. Brownlow again offer Nancy a way out her lifestyle, but Nancy says she is so far gone that it's late and says no.
  • Rose and Brownlow leave as does Nancy. Noah goes off to tell the Jew, Fagin.

Chapter 47

  • Fagin is sitting up at his pad. Noah is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Fagin is really pissed about Nancy talking to strangers.
  • Then Sikes comes by with a package for Fagin.
  • Fagin points to sleeping Noah and asks Sikes what he would if he suspected Noah of being able to snitch on everybody to the police.
  • Sikes says he would kill Noah right away and stomp on his head.
  • Fagin asks what Sikes would do to him or anyone else if they were to snitch. Sikes answers he would kill them.
  • (do you get Fagin's game? He knows Sikes is involved with Nancy and that could cloud his criminal judgement. That's why he preps him for the truth. He also wants Sikes to kill Nancy to get her out of the way. Nancy wouldn't turn in Sikes, but she would turn in Fagin. What better plan than to get Sikes to kill Nancy. That way he will take the fall)
  • Fagin wakes up Noah and has Noah tell Sikes all he heard.
  • Sikes is furious and goes off to take care of Nancy.
  • He gets home and grabs Nancy. Nancy begs him not to kill her. She says that she would never turn him in.
  • She also said she could have left him and gone away but she didn't.
  • This doesn't bother Sikes and he beats her head in with his pistol.
  • Then he grabbed a club and beat her to death.

Chapter 48

  • Sikes is sitting in his place with the body. He burns the club.
  • He cleans himself of the blood and takes off.
  • Sikes goes walking and finds a bar to go into.
  • Then this guy comes in who is selling this potion that removes stains.
  • He grabs Sikes hat and says he will remove a stain to prove how good it is.
  • Sikes has blood on his hat of course. Sikes gets really mad and throws his table, grabs his hat, and leaves.
  • He is walking then and overhears to men talking about a murder in London. Looks like they found Nancy.
  • Sikes walks out of town. He is getting paranoid. He comes across a barn on fire and helps out to put it out.
  • He is really paranoid by now and thinks everyone is talking about him because everyone knows about the murder now.
  • Sikes decides to go back to London because he thinks that will be the last place anyone expects him to be.
  • He tries to kill his dog because he thinks the cops might recognize it. The dog is not stupid and runs away.

Chapter 49

  • Mr. Brownlow has kidnapped Monks and brought him to his house.
  • They know each other. Mr. Brownlow is Monk's father's oldest friend!
  • Mr. Brownlow was in love with Monk's father's sister who died on the day they were supposed to get married (is it getting confusing yet?)
  • Monks' real name is Edward Leeford.
  • Monks father had married some lady and had son (Monks). The marriage was bad and ended though.
  • Monks' father then fell in love with a girl (Oliver's mom)
  • Then, he went to Rome and died leaving no will so all his money went to Monks and his mom.
  • Then Mr. Brownlow tells how there was really a will, but Monks mom burnt it to hide the fact of Oliver's birth
  • Mr. Brownlow says that when he first me Oliver, he looked so familiar (remember the portrait from earlier? That was a painting Oliver's mom painted by Oliver's father that was given to Mr. Brownlow before Oliver's father died)
  • He then talks about how Monks has been behind so much of Oilver's misfortune in London. Getting Fagin to make him a criminal.
  • The game is up and Mr. Brownlow wants Monks to sign a confession and give Oliver his name and the money he is entitled to.
  • Then Dr Losberne comes in and says that the police are close to capturing Sikes.
  • Mr. Brownlow leaves to go after Sikes himself because he is mad that Nancy is dead.

Chapter 50

  • Almost done!!
  • This chapter takes place in a dirty dirty part of London by the river Thames where Toby, Tom Chitling, and Kags are hiding out.
  • During there conversation, you find out Fagin has been captured as well as Noah (who is going to testify against everyone…loser)
  • Then Sikes dogs come in through a window. A little later, Sikes himself comes knocking at the door.
  • He looks all nasty because he has been on the run.
  • Then Master Bates comes in and sees Sikes. He starts yelling murderer and tackles him.
  • Sikes soon has Bates pinned but already people at the door because of the shouts of murderer.
  • The police are banging on the door now.
  • Sikes grabs some rope to try and escape out a window into a ditch that is full of water when the tide is high.
  • The ditch has no water in it though and is just mud though.
  • The whole crowd is watching him on the roof. He is trapped. The door has been broken in.
  • Sikes tied the rope around the chimney and made a noose to try and lower himself down so the jump wasn't as high.
  • At the last moment, Sikes gets spooked and falls. His neck gets caught in the noose end of the rope and he hangs himself.
  • Then his dog tries to jump from the roof onto his shoulders but misses and falls: "striking his head against a stone, dashed out his brains" (the actual text)

Chapter 51

  • Oliver, Rose, Mrs. Maylie, Mrs. Bedwin, Dr. Losberne, and Mr. Brownlow are all travelling to Oliver's place of birth.
  • They are talking about Oliver's friend Dick who Oliver wants to see and help out.
  • They go to the nice hotel in town where Mr. Grimwig is there to meet them.
  • Then that night, Mr. Brownlow comes back with Monks and shows him to Oliver.
  • You find out Oliver's mom's name was Agnes Fleming.
  • Monks tells everyone the story of Oliver's father and mother.
  • When Oliver's father died in Rome, he left three letters. One was a short letter to Mr. Brownlow.
  • The other was a letter to Agnes. The third was his will.
  • The letter to Agnes tells how Oliver's dad was guilty he hadn't married her and that he had wanted to.
  • The will left a little money to Monks and his mom, and the rest to Agnes and her child.
  • One half for Agnes, one half to the kid when it was old enough. If the kid was a girl, the money would be given no matter what.
  • If the kid was a boy, it would only be given if the boy never committed crime or dishonored his name.
  • (that's why Monks was so big on Oliver being a crook. Even if anyone found out who he really was, he wouldn't be able to collect his money!)
  • Monks mom burnt the will so the money would all be hers.
  • Then, on her death bed, she told Monks all about how she thought a boy had been born.
  • Monks hired Fagin to get Oliver and keep him in a life of crime.
  • Then Mr. and Mrs. Bumble are brought in and they tell how they sold Monks the locket.
  • They lose their jobs for their part in the scheme.
  • THEN, Monks tells how Miss Rose is the little sister of Oliver's mom (yes…I too find this all very hard to swallow)
  • Monks' mom, in her search for Oliver, found Rose being raised by some poor people. Her father had died.
  • Monks mom told the poor couple that Rose was illegitimate.
  • That is why Rose couldn't be with Harry Maylie, because of her tarnished name.
  • Then, Harry comes in and tells Rose he doesn't care about his place in society, he wants to be with her.
  • So….everything is happy…except….Dick is dead.

Chapter 52

  • This chapter goes back to Fagin. He is found guilty and is to be hung.
  • Oliver and Mr. Brownlow visit him to ask him about some papers Monks gave him about Oliver.
  • Fagin has gone a bit loco and talks really crazy like.
  • He tells Oliver the papers are stuffed in a bag in the chimney.

Chapter 53

  • Woo hoo! Last one.
  • This chapter sums it all up.
  • Rose and Harry are married.
  • The money that was supposed to be Oliver's was split in half. One half for Oliver, one for Monks to let him try to be honest. He went off to the new world (America) and ended up being a crook and died in prison.
  • Mr. Brownlow adopts Oliver.
  • Noah is pardoned for testifying against Fagin.
  • Master Bates comes clean and lives the honest life.
  • Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Bumble become paupers and live in the same workhouse they once ran.
  • A nice little memorial is put up for Oilver's mom.
  • The End.


  • Major theme in this book: Crime does not pay. Everyone who is a criminal ends up either dying or going to jail. Only Master Bates, who comes clean, really gets respect. Noah, even though he is pardoned, is just an ass so no one cares about him.
  • The true victim of this story: Oliver's friend Dick. Everyone who is bad suffers, the good get happy. Only poor innocent Dick is the one who doesn't get what he deserves.
  • Although the theme in this book of criminals being bad people is there, the book focuses on the criminals. They are the characters who much of the book is spent developing. They are the characters that give the book substance.'
  • This book also is meant to look at the horrible conditions people live in when they are poor. The kids are beaten and people are starved. It's very much a social commentary.
  • This book is called Oliver Twist and it's about Oliver Twist, but it really seems like Oliver is such an passive character. He only does a few things on his own. When he asks for more food in the book, it's because he was pressured to do it. His main thing he did was run away, after a terrible beating. After that, his life was just a case of being shifted to one person to another. He doesn't seem to have much character.
  • Also, Oliver is very unreal. He goes through all the beatings and has no parents, but never becomes a thief in London. He is so naïve. And then so sweet and charming to everyone.
  • With all the very "real" characters in this book like the Dodger and Fagin, it is very odd to have the main character so fake.