Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens


Ok, first things first. This book, like most of Charles Dickens' books, is 400 pages too long. Charles Dickens wrote this in the 1800's and it is set in England…mainly London. The characters are good, kind rich people and the dirty nasty poor people. Oliver Twist is an orphan but really he is from a good family so he is of course good. When this book was first published, it caused a bit of a stir because of the characters. They were poor people, thieves, prostitutes, and murderers. Charles Dickens uses the book to show how bad the situation is for a lot of people living in England at the time and also take some shots at the judicial system. In reality though, it's a long boring book and that's why you are here reading this.


Oliver Twist: He's the main character….hence the title of the book. A little orphan boy whose life is full of trouble.

Fagin: The Jew. He is the leader of a gang of thieves.

John Dawkins: The artful dodger. A young pick-pocket. He is a thief in Fagin's gang.

Charlie Bates: Master Bates. Get it…Master Bates. That's the joke for your class. A young pick-pocket. He is a thief in Fagin's gang.

Bill Sikes: A mean and brutal house robber.

Mr. Monks: Oliver's half-brother who is out to get him.

Mr. Brownlow: A nice guy who looks after Oliver for a while.

Mr. Bumble: The parish beadle who plays a role in Oliver's early life. (a beadle was the guy the parish assigned to look after their affairs)

Nancy: A prostitute who is part of Fagin's group. She hooks up with Bill Sikes later and gets killed.

Noah Claypole: A kid who works with Oliver early one in the book. He is a real jerk and always picks on Oliver.

Rose Maylie: A nice young lady who is very kind to Oliver and turns out to be his aunt.

Mrs. Maylie: A lady who adopts Rose.

Harry Maylie: Mrs. Maylie's son who is in love with Rose.

Doctor Losberne: A good friend of Mrs. Maylie and helps Oliver


The book opens up with Oliver Twist being born in a public workhouse and his mom dies. So, he is an orphan who gets beaten and treated terribly. One day, he asks for more food at dinner and he is thrashed and thrown out of the public workhouse he was staying at. He goes to work for an undertaker named Mr. Sowerberry who has this employee named Noah Claypole. Noah picks on Oliver and one day makes fun of his mom. So Oliver whips his ass. Mrs. Sowerberry, Noah, and Noah's girl Charlotte all make up this story about how Oliver tried to kill everyone so Mr. Sowerberry beats him real bad. Oliver decides to run away to London.

Oliver makes it to London barely. Remember, he is a little kid. He makes it to London where he is sucked in by this gang of thieves led by the Jew, Fagin. The guy who gets him is Jack Dawkins. (Artful Dodger) Oliver doesn't know they are crooks but he needed a place to stay. He stays with them for a while and Fagin teaches him how to pickpocket as if it was a game. Oliver is so naïve. Oliver goes out with Master Bates and Dodger and watches them pickpocket this guy (Mr. Brownlow). Oliver gets caught though and is dragged to the police station but is let off. He is very sick so Mr. Brownlow takes him in. Fagin is very very mad. Oliver gets healthy again. Mr. Brownlow sees something familiar about Oliver but doesn't know what. One day, Oliver is doing an errand for Mr. Brownlow and he runs into Nancy and Sikes. They grab him and take him back to Fagin. Then Bill Sikes uses Oliver in a house robbery. It all goes bad and Oliver is shot. Sikes escapes with the other thieves but Oliver is left behind. Oliver goes back to the house that was broken into and collapses. This is the house where Mrs. Maylie and Rose Maylie live. They take care of Oliver and nurse him back to health.

Fagin is even madder he lost Oliver again. It turns out this guy Monks is paying Fagin to turn Oliver into a criminal. Oliver goes into the country with Mrs. Maylie and Rose. He has a nice time and recovers fully. Harry Maylie comes out to visit. He and Rose are in love but Rose has a dirty past and Harry is a respectable man so they can't marry. It's very sad for them. At the same time, Mr. Bumble and his new wife do a deal with Monks. Oliver's mother died and left a gold locket with some locks of hair and a wedding ring inside. Mrs. Bumble has it and sells it to Monks. Monks gets rid the locket by tossing it in the river.

Now, Nancy overhears some talk and she goes to a hotel where Rose is staying. She tells Rose about Monks and his interest in Oliver and also her part in Oliver's bad luck. Oliver is reintroduced to Mr. Brownlow and the truth starts to come out. Also, Noah comes to London with his girl and he joins Fagin's gang. This is how the end plays out. Nancy meets Mr. Brownlow and Rose and tells them all she knows about Monks interest in Oliver. Noah follows Nancy and also hears it. He tells Fagin….Fagin tells Sikes….Sikes is furious that Nancy would expose him…so he kills her. Now, he is on the run. Mr. Brownlow catches Monks, who turns out to be the son of his old friend. Monks real name is Edward Leeford. Monks also turns out to be Oliver's half-brother. He was trying to keep Oliver poor and a criminal so Oliver would never get his father's inheritance. Monks gives away the whole game. Fagin is caught and condemned to death. Sikes dies trying to escape. Oliver knows who his mother was and finds peace. Rose turns out to be Oliver's mother's sister. Rose no longer has a dirty past because she was not illegitimate so she can marry Harry and she does. So…a happy ending for little Oliver.


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