The Tempest by William Shakespeare


Oh geez, another really exciting play from Bill Shakespeare. This play sucks, just like the rest of them. why the hell do we read this stuff? It doesn’t help us with our MODERN day English, because the plays are in old school English. Bill wrote this towards the end of his big ass career. It is a play. A tempest is a fierce storm.


Prospero: He is the main dude in the story. He is a magician. He was the King of Milan, then his brother Antonio kicked him out. Prospero went to some island. He’s a cool dude, he’s smart and fair.

Ariel: Ariel is like a spirit or a fairy (kinda like Tinkerbell). Ariel is a servant of Prospero. He can change into any shape he wants (like the bad terminator in T2). He is smart and creative. He’s not a deep character...he’s light, has few emotions and stuff.

Caliban: A monster on Prospero’s island. He is a criminal and does bad stuff BUT he’s a nice dude. He is a slave on Prospero’s island. He’s like an animal and can’t be taught manners like a human can.

Alonso: He is the King of Naples. He’s a nice dude but he did dick over Prospero once. He helped Antonio kick Prospero out of Milan. It was nothing personal, Antonio just gave Alonso money to help him.

Sebastian: He’s a prick. He is Alonso’s brother. He wants to kill Alonso so he can be King of Naples.

Gonzalo: He’s Alonso’ councilor and good friend. He's a nice guy and very loyal.

Antonio: He’s a prick. He kicked his brother Prospero out of Milan so he could be king. He wants to kill Alonso so Sebastian can take over as King of Naples and the 2 evil friends can rule.

Ferdinand: The son of Alonso. He’s a nice guy. He falls in love with Prospero’s daughter.

Miranda: She is Prospero’s daughter. She doesn’t have lots of life experience cause her whole life has been on an island with her daddy. She falls in love with Ferdinand.

Stephano and Trinculo: 2 dudes who wash up with the boat. They plan to kill Prospero. They are both stupid. Stephano is a dirty drunk. Trinculo is the jester in Alonso’s court.


This ship is caught in a huge storm and crashes on an island. the ship contains Alonso (King of Naples), his son, his brother, some old friend, and Antonio who is a fake king of Milan. This dude named Prospero who is a magician, lives on the island with his daughter Miranda. He used to be the king of Milan until his brother Antonio had him kicked out.

Prospero hates all these people that just crashed on the island, especially Antonio. He wants to take revenge on them. He separates Ferdinand from his dad (Alonso), and Ferdinand and Prospero’s daughter fall in love. Then Alonso is sad because he thinks his son drowned. Then his buddy Gonzalo tells him "everything is gonna be alright". Sebastian wants Ferdinand’s crown (now that he’s supposedly dead), so he and Antonio plan to kill Alonso and Gonzalo. They fail in killing the 2 dudes.

This butler (Stephano) and jester (Trinculo) also survived the boat crash. They meet this monster like creature (Caliban) who is Prospero’s salve. The 3 get drunk and plan to kill Prospero. But they are drunk and start arguing and they fail. One of Prospero’s servants (Ariel) stops them. Then Ariel prepares some big feast for King Alonso and the other dudes. Then Ariel takes it away and tells them that there is no food because they dicked over Prospero in the past and it’s time for payback.

Ferdinand has passed the tests Prospero gave him (for permission to marry Miranda). Then Prospero finds out about the 3 dudes who wanted to kill him. He and Ariel take care of them. Then Prospero gets all the people on the island and removes all his magic spells. He is not mad anymore. They all apologize except for Antonio. Then Alonso is happy because Ferdinand is alive and married to Miranda the hottie. Prospero gives up his magic stuff and goes back to Milan as the King of Milan.



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