The Fly

Katherine Mansfield


This is a story set after World War I. It is about losing loved ones in battle.


Boss: He is the main dude of the story. He is the boss of the company.

Mr. Woodifield: He used to work for the company. He has a stroke and quit awhile ago.

Macy: The Boss's secretary/messenger. He treats her like crap.


This guy named Mr. Woodifield comes to visit his old boss. The boss shows Woodifield his office, which he just redecorated. Then Woodifield tells the boss that his daughter (Woodifield's daughter) was in Belgium and saw her brother's grave (Woodifields son). She also saw the grave of the Boss's son. Then Woodifield tells the boss about the cemetery and how nice it is. The Boss gets really sad and almost cries. He asks his secretary (Macy) to leave him alone in his office for awhile. He thinks about how he was gonna give his son the company, but he refuses to cry.

Then the Boss sees a fly in his inkpot (where ink is stored for old pens). He takes the fly out and tortures it with ink. Then after a lot of torture, the fly dies.


  • There are a lot of different kinds of death in this story. The 2 guys have dead sons, the fly dies and there are also emotional and spiritual deaths (the Boss).
  • This story is very pessimistic. It kind of says that death can rule our lives and us.