The Lady of the Tiger

Frank R. Stockton


This story is a fairy tale. It has all the fairy tale ingredients: kings, queens, moral of the story etc.


King: He has a weird system of justice involving a lady and a tiger.

King's daughter: She loves this young courtier in the king's court. She has quite a temper though

Courtier: He loves the princess.


Long time ago there was this king. When someone broke the law he had a specific punishment. He would put the person in an arena and make them choose between 2 doors. One door had a beautiful lady behind it that he would marry. The other door had a tiger behind it that would kill him. People loved this because the criminal chose their own fate.

One time this young courtier started screwing the princess (King's daughter). He was in the lower class, so because of this embarrassment, the king decided to put the guy in the arena. The King went out and found the biggest tiger and the most beautiful woman. The princess found out who the woman behind the door would be. It was some chick who liked the courtier and flirted with him. She realized if he picked her they would have to marry. Then the princess uses her power to find out what which door the tiger would be behind and what door the lady would be behind. When the day came, the courtier came out and looked at the princess for help. She pointed to the right door. The story ends here.


  • Here is the thing about the ending: We don't know the fate of the courtier.
  • The princess knew the placement of the lady and the tiger. BUT, does she save her lover from the tiger? Or does she save herself the jealousy of having her lover marry the woman.
  • On the one hand the guy would get killed. On the other, she would have to watch as he married some lady that she hated. We never find out the end. You have to decide what happens.