The Lottery

Shirley Jackson


Mr. Summers: He’s in charge of drawing the lottery. He organizes all the civic activities.

Tess Hutchinson: Some whiny bitch who complains.



This is a really short short story. It goes like this: There’s this lottery in the town, organized by Mr Summers. Everyone gathers around at 10:00, and many people have stones with them. Mr Summers has a black box with everyone’s family on pieces of paper. He calls up the men of each family to draw a piece of paper. After everyone draws it turns out that the Hutchinson family picked the marked piece of paper. so they put more pieces of paper in the box and then everyone in the Hutchinson family picks a piece of paper out of the box. This time Tess Hutchinson picked the paper with the black dot. The entire time she was bitching about the lottery. So, she went up in front of the people, and her "prize" was getting stoned by the townspeople. Nice twist eh?


Ironic of how a lottery is usually thought of as winning a big prize like money. The twist of this lottery is you get stoned. The author is making the point that some prizes are best not won.

Tess foreshadows in the story because she bitches about how idiotic the lottery is. She knew she was going to win and get stoned.

This is a really good story to perform on stage. Very dramatic and scary.